The Gold Leaf Network

The B2B Wine Standard

Uncompromised Luxury Experiences

The Gold Leaf Network is embodied by the synergy between three types of actors – Wine Ambassadors, partners and advocates.

It is based on a quality charter that everyone vows to respect.

It is the most advanced quality standard in the world.

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Wine Ambassador

A new craft

Wine Ambassadors are the keepers of the experience. They are more than tour guides, chauffeurs or interprets. Their craft is unique, inspired by the best hotel and palaces’ concierges and practices

They are the operators of the Œlysium experience. They are the incarnation of excellence to the customer.

Gate to Œlysium

Your clients deserve the very best

With Œlysium, we have put the oenotourist at the centre of everything. We have transformed oenotourism and turned into a never-ending stream of beautiful, meaningful experiences.

By becoming part of the Gold Leaf Network, you allow your clients to enter Œlysium: a circle, a community where every member feels safe, knowing that it is the definition of luxury Wine Experiences.

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