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The Infinite Circle of Œlysium

In recent years, the way we discover the world and interact in it has changed drastically. Luxury Hospitality has stepped up its game and we have all learnt ways to reliably discover truly special experiences.

However, the world of wine has been lagging behind by systematically not putting the customer first.

Œlysium is changing this paradigm. We are creating a new circle, one that defines what a truly exceptional wine experience is.

How do we achieve this goal?

By putting the client at the heart of our business and by ensuring a constant level of quality through our Gold Leaf Network. The efficiency and success of The Gold Leaf Network makes it the foundation of quality and the first pillar in the world of Œlysium.

The Gold Leaf Network

The only Wine Hospitality Quality System

The Gold Leaf Network is the foundation of our holistic system, before any other Œlysium pillar. The Future of Luxury Wine Tourism is based on this exacting quality standard, that we invented.

It is built on a tryptic of actors, collaborating in synergy, following the guidelines and rules Œlysium invented and making the system a reality:

– Operators: the Wine Ambassadors. They are the keepers of the experience, ensuring smooth, exceptional moments.

– Luxury hospitality professionals: travel agents, concierges and people who are committed to unify wine experiences, in France and throughout the world, so that we can guarantee satisfaction.

– Partners: domains, wine cellars, châteaux and palaces who understand that the world is changing, and that wine experiences must put clients at the centre of everything.

Interested in joining the network?

The Œnosystem Customer Care at its finest

The customer is at the centre of the Gold Leaf Network, and Œlysium is building an infinite circle, combining the physical and digital realms, around it. A sphere in which our customers feel safe in and that values exceptional wine professionals, estates and cellars.

The Gold Leaf Network guarantees the wine experiences’ quality at all the wine destinations, but we are not stopping there.

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We are building an Œnosystem that will keep the magic alive back home, with your dedicated member area on our website that will help you re-live your experiences, find the wines you loved in a few clicks, and discover the wines you will fall in love with at the click of a button.

The member area comprises a custom test to build your oenological profile, so that you can easily zero in on the wines you will actually like. And if you need additional help, you can always call your Wine Ambassador to guide you!

This physical integration allows you to stay in the cocoon of the Œlysium Circle even in the comfort of your home. Once you are inside our system, you are shielded. This is the only system that can guarantee the best from travel to personal wine shopping.

Sustainability at its Core

Œlysium is committed to making wine tourism sustainable. Inside Œlysium’s circle, all travels are offset twice to make all journeys as good for the planet as they are for you.

The Future of Luxury
Wine Services

We know how discerning our clients are, we know our industry, and we have been building the perfect system to deliver luxury wine services.
Œlysium’s system is building the future of Luxury Wine Tourism. When you step inside the circle, you become part of a safe, trustworthy ecosystem that is the only viable norm for exceptional wine experiences.
Be part of a brighter future for wine services. Enter the infinite circle of Œlysium today.

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